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Benefits of faslse daisy

Health benefits of False Daisy :


1. Soothe the Stomach

When consumed orally, Eclipta prostrata has been found to calm any disturbances in the stomach, namely indigestion or constipation. It works great for normal functionality to these areas of the body due to its rich variety of chemicals and organic compounds found in the plant’s extract.


2. Cancer Prevention

Research has shown that Eclipta prostrata helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the liver. Research has been limited, it appears that the organic molecules found in Eclipta prostrata disrupt the DNA molecules for the proliferation of cancer cells, thus having a cytotoxic effect and killing those dangerous, mutated cells.


3. Liver Health

Jaundice is considered as one of the dangerous health issues many people in the world are suffering from that severely affects the liver and its functionality, leading to the discoloration of the skin. Eclipta prostrata has been used for thousands of years to effectively balance the liver and ensure its normal function.


4. Urinary Infections

Eclipta prostrata consists of good amount of antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it highly effective at preventing and treating infections. When taken for a urinary tract infection, it can effectively reduce discomfort and neutralize the bacteria to restore normal function to your bladder.


5. Respiratory Issues

Eclipta prostrata is quite beneficial for people suffering from chronic respiratory infections and coughs. Antibacterial nature of the extract can clear up the infection, while the expectorant qualities can force out any remaining phlegm or mucus where additional pathogens may be developing.


6. Bowel Inflammation

If you suffer from the uncomfortable and embarrassing condition of hemorrhoids, finding relief can often be difficult. Eclipta prostrata has shown outstanding results in reducing the inflammation in that sensitive area and providing soothing, analgesic relief.


7. Hair Health

Premature hair loss or thinning, dandruff is main hair problems, the whole world are facing in this recent time. Bit of Eclipta prostrata to your hair care routine is a very good idea for curing such problems. You can mix it with shampoos to moisturize the scalp, preventing dry skin and consequent dandruff. Additionally, it can strengthen follices and follicle beds, preventing hair loss and slowing down conditions like male pattern baldness, while also providing a rich luster to your locks.


8. Eye Health

High carotene content is found in the leaves of bhringraj, which is considered as a crucial antioxidant substance for the health of your eyes. Carotene helps to eliminate the free radicals that cause macular degeneration and the formation of cataracts, so including some Eclipta prostrata to your herbal diet regiment can keep your vision clear for years!


9. Get Rid of Anaemia

As bhringraj consists of high amount of iron, simple homemade soup made with its leaves helps to treat anaemia. Regular use of it is considered one of the best remedy for anaemia, thus use it regularly.


10. Good for Diabetic Patients

Bhringraj has also showed outstanding results when it comes to sugar problems like diabetes. Active molecules present in Bhringraj help in controlling and lowering the glucose in your body, which is quite important for the people suffering from diabetes, or having high sugar levels.


11. Recurrent Miscarriage (Habitual Abortion)

Bhringraj is considered effective for preventing pregnancy loss. Women suffering from a recurrent miscarriage can take Bhringraj Juice in a dosage of 3 ml on empty stomach in the morning along with Cow’s Milk. Traditionally, this remedy is used to prevent miscarriage and strengthen the uterus. For best results, it must be taken along with Ashwagandha, which is also used for similar purpose.





Organic False Daisy Powder / karisalankani Powder - ( 鳢肠(菊科)叶粉 )

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