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Haritaki powder benefits :

Preliminary research in humans suggests it may offer certain health benefits, but more is needed to confirm this.

Cavity Prevention

Pain Relief

Reduce Cholesterol

Oxidative Stress

Promote Digession

Blood sugar issues

Weight Loss

Manage Diabetics

Improves oral hygenics

Good for skin and Hair

How to consume Haritaki powder in all the season :

In Autumn :

It can be ingested with desinkhand / mishri / honey


In Summer :

It can be injusted with Jaggery


In  winter :

Try to consume with ginger.


If the entire regimen is hard to follow around the year, you can consume haritaki powder with honey / long pepper


Note :

The safety of long-term use of haritaki isn't known. However, since haritaki may reduce blood sugar levels, there's some concern that using it in combination with blood-sugar-lowering medications may have harmful effects by lowering blood sugar too much.


It's important to talk to your doctor prior to using haritaki in combination with blood-sugar-lowering drugs, such as those prescribed for diabetes.


Haritaki should not be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, those with medical conditions, or people who are taking medications without consulting a doctor

Haritaki Powder ( 有机诃子粉 )

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