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­­­Punarnava has long been a staple of Ayurvedic treatment and has been utilized in healing since antiquity.

 It provides a wide range of health advantages. It is incredibly beneficial for the liver and guards against infections.


Punarnava pills are safe to take since they have a diuretic effect and can help avoid kidney stones.

Patients with diabetes and arthritic conditions benefit from it. It can cure women's fibroids, heavy menstruation,

urinary tract infections, and clotting.


The use of punarnava leaf powder helps combat obesity and avoid heart failure. It is also used as a laxative and is helpful for the eyes

and stomach. It can also treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. It can also aid in the treatment of certain cancers.


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    • About Punarnava:
    • Nutritional value of Punarnava:­­­­
    • Health benefits of Punarnava:

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About Punarnava:


Punarnava, also known by its scientific name BoerhaviaDiffusa, is extensively used in Ayurveda. The names Tarvine,

Red Spiderling, Horse Purslane, Red Hogweed, and Spreading Hogweed are also used to describe it.


Punarnava is a native plant with several therapeutic benefits. Punarnava's name stems from its propensity for expansion and development.

The plant's aerial portion dries out in the summer and regenerates in the wetter months, hence the name Punarnava,

which is derived from the words Punar, which means "again," and Nava, which means "fresh." Punarnava is a Sanskrit term that

means "anything that revives the body and restores youth." Punarnava ark is quite effective and has been used in India for a long time.

The plant's aerial portion, roots, and leaves are all utilized for medical purposes.


In several regions of India, the leaves of the punarnava plant are also regularly consumed as vegetables. Punarnava plant's small purple,

white, carnine, or pink blooms are scattered over it. Red and white are the two primary types of this plant, and both are valued

for their therapeutic properties.


Nutritional value of Punarnava:


Punarnava leaf has a high nutritional content, which has led to its recognition for its health benefits and widespread use since antiquity.

Punarnava contains 1.61% of the daily recommended amount of total fat in 100 g. It contains 2.26% of the daily required protein

intake and 162 mg of salt. It contains 142 mg of calcium and 44.8 mg of vitamin C. Additionally, it contains 0.012 mg of iron.


Punarnava plant nutrients are essential for the health of the liver, kidneys, eyes, and overall body function.

They may also be used to treat a variety of illnesses as well as prevent numerous diseases and infections.


Health benefits of Punarnava:

Punarnava is an ayurvedic herb that may be used to treat liver cleansing, urinary tract infections, and more. It has anti-inflammatory,

wound-healing, and antioxidant qualities. Add punarnava powder and tea to your diet if you're seeking to shed some excess pounds.

The elimination of kidney stones is one of the punarnava leaf's additional health advantages.


Punarnava pills, powder, and root extracts are readily available in your neighborhood stores. Include this herb in your

daily routine for maximum health advantages. You may even prepare and consume punarnava juice, which is healthy for your eyes and vision

. The best health advantages of the Punarnava plant are listed here.


Punarnava helps in weight loss:


The ability of Punarnava to combat obesity is one of its well-known advantages. Punarnava is a common ingredient in herbal slimming products due to its potency. With no loss of essential potassium or electrolytes, this plant aids in the elimination of surplus fluids from the body by promoting excretion. Punarnava Mandur therefore encourages the body to lose weight. It also has a minor laxative effect.


Punarnava helps control sugar level:


If not properly managed, diabetes can be very hazardous. You can use the herb punarnava to manage your diabetes. This is due to the fact that its leaf (and the extracts from the leaves) regulates the body's glucose levels, which is very advantageous for diabetics. They benefit from the ayurvedic punarnava drug's ability to raise plasma insulin levels.


Punarnava helps in Gastrointestinal Diseases

The symptoms of malabsorption syndrome, worm infestation, inflammation, anemia, splenic illness, and piles can all be treated with Punarnavadi Mandur. Additionally, it can aid in the treatment of dyspepsia and other abdominal disorders or enlargements.


Purnava prevents urinary disorders:

Kidney stones, urinary distension, and painful urination can all be prevented and treated with punarnava. Strong anti-spasmodic, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory characteristics of the plant aid to prevent bacterial infections in the urinary system, which in turn lessens discomfort and irritation when urinating

Punarnava Powder - 紫茉莉

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