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Shipping Specifications

  • We ship to more than 500 cities and towns within India and Abroad .However, there are restrictions on some places, so our products cannot be shipped to certain destinations. Please ensure that you check out the list of shipping destinations for the product that you are purchasing, to avoid any delay or disorder in delivery. 

Shipping Cost

  • Our Shipping Costs are most competitive and nominal depending on the category of the product. Do refer to the details below for shipping cost. Please note that our shipping costs are different for Tamil Nadu state and for other states, as the courier rates are weight and parcel size -based and vary state to state.  


  • 18% service tax extra on every transaction.

  • Applicable octopi charges will be paid by the consignee.

Delivery Time

  • Usually all orders are processed and shipped within 15 working days, after payment is confirmed. However, considering inevitable circumstances during transportation, we offer maximum 21 days  approx to make your product reached to you.

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